Development orientation

Development orientation

In 2016 the year was a lot of fluctuations in the fisheries industry, especially the field of Pangasian export, Basa. Despite the general difficulties from the beginning of the year, Hung Phuc still gradually asserted its position and conquered many difficult markets in the world, continued to maintain and develop the plans that have already been proposed in 2016 and oriented to development in the coming years

With the current market developments and the development situation of the company, the board of directors of Hung Phuc Company LIMITED has given the following specific orientation:

  • Efforts to fulfill the annual sales revenue target 2017
  • Focus on pushing the application of new technologies in production.
  • Develop advanced, modern management system to improve the regime and policy better for employees in particular and the whole plant in general.
  • Promoting marketing and advertising activities through exhibitions at the national and international fairs and brands of Hung Phuc brand coming to worldwide.
  • Develop a product distribution plan to the hands of international consumers through the development of logistics services to bring hung Phuc products directly to international supermarkets and importers..

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