Company culture


Vision: Striving to maintain position is one of the leading exporters in Vietnam with the motto “Good quality – clean products”.

Mission:Ensuring the harmonization of the interests of the company, the customers, of workers and the community.

Core values: “Dynamic, enthusiastic, progressive, teamwork, responsibility, customers”.

Attitude with customers

  • Professional: Providing the best products and services from order to delivery, thoroughly resolving arising in the process of buying and selling, supporting and maximizing the needs of customers.
  • Enthusiastic: Always in ready posture, responds quickly and promptly to the messages of customers..
  • Honest: The work of the ethics of a trader, there are no commercial fraud acts, customer deception.

Working attitude

  • Dynamic:: Actively seek, improve work experience, create creativity, contribute creative ideas, unique, contribute to build the company.
  • Enthusiasm: always strive, contribute knowledge to the success of the company.
  • Progressive: Efforts to improve themselves, constantly develop their abilities and advance further in the development of the company..
  • Responsibilities: Each member of Hung Phuc Company completes the assigned work and its functions, complying with the company rules..

Attitude towards colleagues

  • Respect:friendly, peaceful with colleagues, do not create or spread the rumors lack of grounds, false, influencing the reputation of colleagues in the company.
  • Solidarity: Support, cooperation, willingness to share experience, help each other in the work of creating a sustainable link block, contributing to build a powerful company.